Kickass and pack importance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in doing what they can in response to the coronavirus threat, and—except for medical issues, that is to stay home.

Home is not a bad place, they find, and it is made more tolerable by the likes of Kim and Dick (Rice) with their generous time and effort in helping keep things together.  It is people like Kim and Dick who see compassion and a helping hand as requirements for being human.  On a recent grocery mission, Dick brought brandy along with bananas and other essentials, which marks him as the keeper’s kind of shopper.

In an ultimate dichotomy, that which forces us apart may bring us together; acts of looking out for one another transcend self and enforced isolation, and is an important positive in the current negative world.

Kickass says that the importance of staying together as a pack is not only part of his canine genes, the keeper and Phyllis and their ilk are likewise “pack”  programmed.





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