Kickass and Perry’s turkey talk

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listened with the keeper as Rick Perry explained in an interview that the orange POTUS had been chosen by God to do great things.  It was the keeper’s thought that Rick Perry would be great at explaining to the Thanksgiving turkeys how they had been chosen to be killed and eaten by the hundreds of thousands across the entire country.  In fact, the keeper went so far as to suggest a few words for Mr. Perry. “Fellow Turkeys: It is with joy that we must all accept our roles as laid out for us by the Creator and POTUS, and since there is obviously soon going to be a “last supper” due to some of the “great things” the POTUS is responsible for, and since no main course has been selected, you turkeys are it!  The Biblical reference is in Deuteronomy which lists all the birds ‘ye shall not eat’ beginning with the eagle, and you turkeys are not on the list, though ravens and storks are.  Too bad.  You may be the victims of fake news, even from the Bible, but that’s the media for you, so let’s hear some chanting from all the doomed turkeys: Cook us up!  Cook us up! Cook us up!”

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