Kickass and Peter Rabbit

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assisting the keeper in sorting through the daily avalanche of things to worry about, has abandoned all else—including the idiotic Supreme Court and the price of gas–to concentrate on the fact that, according to fellow Vista West gardener Richard, a rabbit was seen jumping up into Phyllis’s raised garden plot and nibbling at greens that she had intended to be used in salads for herself and the keeper.

Upon hearing this news, the keeper—after identifying the invading rabbit as “Peter,” and himself as an intolerant “Mr. McGregor,” served notice that he—the keeper, has old-school, possessive feelings toward Phyllis and just how she shares aspects of her life with others, including rabbits.

So here it is, Peter: “You keep your cotton-tail ass the hell out of Phyllis’s garden, or think of joining the keeper and Phyllis in a Hasenpfeffer dinner–with salad!”

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