Kickass and Pete’s hamburgers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, chose to stay home and nap as the keeper drove Phyllis to Prairie du Chien to introduce her to Pete’s juicy, onion-drenched hamburgers, a Wisconsin tradition since 1909 which is several years before the keeper’s birth.

Operated by the Gokey family, the summer-only stand on Blackhawk street frequently means long weekend lines, but the wait was only brief on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as the keeper and Phyllis stocked up and took their hamburger treasures down to the riverside park to find shade and a picnic table with a view of the parading boat traffic.

Phyllis rested briefly on the grass with a book and a blanket, and later proclaimed the outing a success as it was topped off by an ice-cream cone on the drive home.

The keeper, who considers any day that includes him to be worthy of  praise, judged 7/22/23 as a particularly good one.

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