Kickass and pettifogging

Kickass, the doorstop dog, aware of the keeper’s delicate mental balance, is greatly concerned about his—the keeper’s reaction to Chief Justice Roberts use of the word “pettifogging” in regard to impeachment lawyers now doing a political River Dance in the Senate chambers.

The problem is that “pettifogging” is such a wonderful word, and in his long years of word juggling the keeper does not remember ever having used it, obviously not sure of its meaning—to dwell on trivia, until now.  When the keeper thinks of the countless times he “dwelt on trivia” as a newspaper columnist to the point of being a virtual professional pettifogger, his mind is boggled, not an unusual circumstance, of course.

In an attempt to salvage something from his dilemma the keeper, in a blatant commercial, says that buyers of his novel—“Margaret’s War,” now get a free copy ot “Ship The Kids On Ahead,” which is a compilation of early State Journal columns and may be the finest example of pettifogging in existence.

Go to his web page– for details where you will find other examples of pettifogging.


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