Kickass and Phyllis birthday weather

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his awesome powers of controlling everything, apparently pushed the wrong button in trying to assist the keeper in providing Phyllis with appropriate birthday weather.  In consideration of her having left Arizona a couple of years ago to be with the keeper, an Arizona-type weather day was ordered for Mar 16 in Wisconsin.  As everyone knows, a wintry blizzard ensued.

Kickass and the keeper blame the Republicans—those representing Wisconsin in particular, for the calamitous global weather; and they hope that Phyllis’s earlier-life experience with Wisconsin’s endless winters will prevent her from packing a bag and booking a flight to Phoenix.

This leaves the keeper with the obligation to come up with a birthday present for Phyllis, and he decided against a pair of Sorrel snow boots in favor of a beach recliner for those two days in July when it is fit to be outside in Wisconsin.

Phyllis celebrated her birthday with her regular immunotherapy cancer treatment at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, after which the keeper plans to treat her to a “supper club” dinner and talk to her about plans for a summer picnic, maybe on July 14 or 15 when it will be unbearably hot in Arizona.





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