Kickass and Phyllis heart attack

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in reporting that Phyllis experienced a middle-of-the-night heart attack and is currently recovering at UW Hospital after the insertion of a stent in a totally clogged artery and medication for another that was 70 percent clogged.

Phyllis anticipates being released today and no permanent heart damage is expected due to prompt enough attention in the resumption of normal blood flow.

With no previous indication of heart problems, the heart attack came out of the blue, with the clear message that male and female heart circumstances should never be compared: with his heart attack forty years ago, the keeper suffered a much different pain set and denied reality until minor permanent heart muscle damage had been done: Get ye to medical help at the first indication–whatever it is, that something is amiss! Go by ambulance and don’t drive even though at 3 a.m. the keeper and Phyllis found the streets all to themselves.

Phyllis is one tough Mama, and anticipates dealing with her heart issue as she did with her cancer diagnosis several years ago–with the optimism and energy that are included in the many reasons the keeper loves her so much.

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