Kickass and Phyllis home from hospital

Kickass. the doorstop dog, steps aside as the keeper steps in to report that Phyllis may or may not be released from UW Hospital today where she is being treated  for injuries received when she and the keeper were in a head-on collision in Cross Plains Tuesday.  Phyllis, with her ten broken ribs and other injuries, and the keeper with his three broken ribs, would like to thank all those who responded to word of the accident.  This is what friends are for—to let you know that they really care when calamity strikes.  (The keeper cautions, however, that those respondents who mentioned prayer in their well wishes, should not be put off if return messages from the Powers That Be say that the keeper’s name does not appear on any of the sacred scrolls.  Phyllis’s Hereafter resume is not so severe, and unlike the keeper she has the good grace to keep her mouth shut about it.)

A salvage yard inspection yesterday of their totaled vehicle impressed the keeper, and he is amazed that he and Phyllis survived what obviously had been an incredibly hard impact.

A welcome home party for Phyllis is planned.  When it occurs it will be BYOB and there will be saltines and sardines, but no dancing or laughter because doing those things just hurts too damn much when broken ribs are involved.



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