Kickass and Phyllis in the coneflowers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is impressed with the keeper’s forethought in avoiding a Leonardo Di Vinci “why-is-she-smiling?” type question with a photo he took of Phyllis standing next to a spectacular display of purple cone flowers.

History tells that Leonardo combined art and science to become the most creative genius of all time, and back in the 1500s worked for 16 years to get Mona Lisa’s smile just right so it reacts to a viewer with intimate variations.

As the Phyllis/coneflower photo assumes its place in the rarified world of great art, let there be no question as to why Phyllis is smiling: it is, of course, because she is privileged to be in the keeper’s company.

That and the fact that she loves flowers, especially cone flowers.

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