Kickass and Phyllis treatment

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis have begun an intense five session radiation treatment procedure at the UW Carbone Cancer Center for Phyllis that will see them traveling to various Madison locations and then in a virtual quarantine through Dec. 7.

While this circumstance may limit their traditional Thanksgiving activities, it puts a lazer focus on what the two of them are thankful for; and that, of course, is the existence of the Carbone Center and the people who perform the coordinated miracles of administering hope and care to the multitudes.

The required treatment coordination extends to Phyllis; and her ability to work with the Carbone crew impresses the keeper beyond measure.  His role as a “cab driver” is about all he can handle, and even with that there are necessary corrections made by Phyllis.

The two of them will get through this and be better for it: they have that kind of “Thanksgiving”confidence in the Carbone doctors, nurses, aides, and techs.







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