Kickass and Phyllis’s cancer


Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares everything with the keeper and Phyllis, and is therefore as devastated as they are by the cervical cancer diagnosis Phyllis received several weeks ago.  In the care of the UW’s Carbone Cancer Center, Phyllis has already undergone her first chemo treatment, and is busy with wig shopping and head covers.  Sustaining life is a, of course, a challenge every day for everyone.  It becomes much more intense when things like cancer are thrown into the mix.  Phyllis is an incredible woman who has gone through life on her own terms, which means you don’t sit around waiting to see what might happen; you assess the situation and then you do what you can to make the very best of it.  She is no different in her approach to dealing with cancer.  Phyllis and the keeper will use their intense love for each other to face together whatever comes.  There will be occasional reports here, but Kickass encourages their many friends and family members to be with them on Caring Bridge, email, Facebook, USPS, telephone, smoke signals and whatever.

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