Kickass and Phyllis’s cataract

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper dropped Phyllis off at the UW Health facility this morning for the second of her cataract procedures; and he is now mulling over the possibility that Phyllis’s vision may improve to the point where she not only sees the keeper in a sharper focus but also may see through him, thus putting their relationship to the biggest test it has known since the keeper kidnapped Phyllis from Arizona in her own car.

Let the record show that the keeper transported Phyllis across state lines for her tech ability in keeping his phone and computer functioning. Without her, he is a helpless tech dud. She and he both know that, so there is nothing new for her to see there with her new cataract lens.

Still, the keeper is on edge, and will continue to be so until Phyllis removes the recovery eye patch and sees and embraces the keeper for what he is–her see-through lover.

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