Kickass and Phyllis’s covid shot

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that this is a big day for the keeper and Phyllis in that Phyllis gets her second Covid shot which puts them both in the vaccinated category, and makes them dream of a resumed future with friends and family, at a distance and masked, of course.

Phyllis has been more diligent than the keeper in abiding by Covid restrictions—she apparently does not suffer from hardware store addiction as the keeper obviously does—and says she has missed restaurant dining and winery visits.

Neither the keeper nor Phyllis are so naïve as to think life will resume as they once knew it—which they see as a good thing: there was an excess of universal arrogance and innocence that seemed to trivialize the passage of time and encouraged the inclination to take for granted the endless cascade of days and months and years.

No mas!

Every damn second is precious, and spending some of them in impromptu embraces in the kitchen or chatting up an old friend are essential to a post-Covid existence that acknowledges that life—this HERE-AND-NOW immediate portion of it, is all that really matters.


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