Kickass and Phyllis’s show

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s enthusiastic support of Phyllis’s “showbiz” debut with her slide show presentation of her three-month stint as a volunteer at the Mojave Preserve on the California-Nevada border.

Her work as an assistant to an archeologist finding and marking historic points was most interesting as was her exploration of surrounding geologic features of interest.

Phyllis’s only “show” prop was her unique hiking staff adorned with the medals certifying that she has hiked in every national park in the continental US.

The Vista West viewing audience received Phyllis’s show enthusiastically and should this encourage her to take her show on the road, which she says it won’t, the keeper is going along as a “roadie.”

In the meantime, just in case Phyllis changes her mind, he will be dialing up Willie and practicing “On the Road Again.”

Good job, Phyllis!

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