Kickass and Phyllis’s tomato soup


Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that many things go into sustaining a relationship.  One of the keeper’s old friends liked to say his marriage was held together by a $50,000 house mortgage.  Now comes the keeper to claim that one of the things sustaining the very special relationship between him and Phyllis is tomato soup.  Not only did Phyllis grow tomatoes in her Britannica based garden, she now harvests them as the main ingredient in making such a delicious soup that the keeper hangs around the kitchen with the tenacity of a late summer fly.  Since they turned Phyllis’s birthday party into a marriage earlier this year, and were thus given license to act like high school sophomores, the keeper and Phyllis marvel on a daily basis at the miracle and joy of their being together.  Lots of things go into that, of course, not the least of which is their senior status.  And now there is Phyllis’s tomato soup!  The keeper’s cup (bowl) runneth over.

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