Kickass and Phyllis’s tomatos


Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in dedicating the rest of August to eating, the keeper being motivated by Phyllis’s tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes out of her garden..  Then, of course, there is the abundance of sweet corn across the country.  In the case of Phyllis’s Garden of Eating, it appears that the base of a complete set of Encyclopedia Britanicas covered with appropriate top soil, is producing a bumper crop of very smart tomatoes, which may or may not be passing their intelligence on to the keeper.  He only makes appreciative animal-like eating sounds over the tomato soup and the spaghetti sauce that Phyllis produces; and he has yet to come up with anything indicating emerging intelligence, unless, of course, you count his dedicating the rest of August to eating.  That’s not so dumb.

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