Kickass and Phyllis’s vaccination

Kickass, the doorstop dog, celebrates with the keeper and Phyllis today as Phyllis gets her initial Covid vaccine through the UW Health system, where—over at the Carbone Cancer Center, her immunotherapy continues to be successful.

In the grand scheme, nothing comes close in importance to the way Phyllis lives each day: communicating with family and friends, involved in the flow of information at all levels, on top of health issues to a brain surgeon’s degree, searching always for good tasting, healthy food, working for hours at her expansive and impressive photo art projects, and tuning into bluegrass and other music at every opportunity.

Then, of course, there is her patience, tolerance and affectionate assistance in the way she relates to the keeper.  She is the grand bonus in his life, and he cannot believe his good fortune.

The keeper got his initial Covid shot through the VA several weeks ago, so now– as of today–, Phyllis joins him in waiting for the rest of the crowd to get with the vaccine program so some normalcy can emerge from the current chaos.

In the meantime Phyllis leads in the cumulative Scrabble score, and continues to keep the keeper in line and on line on an hourly basis.  He loves her for it all, and takes this opportunity to share those feelings with the world.


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