Kickass and picking strawberries

Kickass, the doorstop dog, did not join the keeper and Phyllis in their recent strawberry-picking foray, which is understandable since dogs are not big on strawberries. People obviously are, however: the sprawling strawberry patch—in its third week of action, was crawling with Sunday pickers of all ages, with the keeper unquestionably holding forth at the top of that age spread.

There are many gravitational issues to deal with as the years pile on, things that for most of life it is not necessary to even think about, like bending to pick up a dropped item or tying a shoelace.  Add to that list, picking strawberries, once done as easily as you would stoop to retrieve a four-leaf clover, but now a gravitational challenge of no small proportions: getting yourself down low enough to reach the strawberries is not the issue, the problem is how the hell do you get back on your feet when the time comes?

The solution for the keeper and Phyllis was to more or less lean on each other to get upright, a technique that serves them well in the great berry patch of life, and for which they are thankful as they enjoy bowls of fresh strawberries with a bit of ice cream topping.

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