Kickass and pigs and mothers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper’s fascination with the Amsterdam experiment of using pigs to reduce bird-aircraft collision damage at the main airport; and he—the keeper, wonders if a similar application might be used to lessen the harmful impact of idiots in the legislatures and the media.

The Netherland pigs eat the bird-attracting plant material growing between runways, and the pig program will be evaluated for possible expansion.

The keeper thinks maybe putting disgusted mothers between the “runways” of congress would make it less appealing for the anti- vacciners, and the unmasked to crash into common sense, science, truth, and decency.  (He—the keeper, hastens to point out that in putting pigs and mothers in similar roles, he knows from his farm-boy background that a basic quality shared by pigs and mothers is an aversion to soiling their living quarters.)

With the ultimate absurdity of the Repubs and the Right politicizing death as it occurs in a raging pandemic, the keeper is not optimistic that things will change soon: the phrase “When pigs fly” comes to mind.




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