Kickass and Pinocchio Day fallout

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper in handling the fallout from his establishment of “Pinocchio Day” to mark the indictment last Tuesday of the former pretender to the throne.

 As Pinocchio Day gets on the calendar with other noteworthy days–Father’s Day and April Fools Day come to mind, it occurred to the keeper that he may be missing out on the commercial opportunities that unfailingly come to dominate holidays.

Sadly, he is too late as usual: long attachable Pinocchio noses are available on the market and apparently have been since Geppetto carved the first one.

Appearing alarmingly as an item that might have a dual porn purpose, the false noses are reasonably priced and prompt delivery is promised.

So there goes yet another chance for the keeper to “monetize” one of his great ideas.

He is obviously destined to live out his days as poor as a church mouse, hopefully not a southern Baptist Church mouse where women are not allowed, Phyllis being vitally important to his continued impoverished existence.

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