Kickass and planetary comment

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper’s special communications powers intercepted an outer space transmission from an advanced planet that his been observing Earth since the human species came down out of the trees:

         “Your Earth Observation Authority (EOA) is happy to report that the latest interaction within Earth’s human species is a departure from their endless war-making and wealth concentration among the few and appears to be some kind of game using large balloons.

         “This would indicate a giant leap for the species in redirecting their boundless energy away from doing each other in with guns and bombs under the leadership of narcissistic fools, to simply having global fun with balloons.

         “For subsequent reports EOA will refer to the new game  as ‘Pop Yours’ and notes that it appears to be a spinoff of the earth dog game of ‘fetch.’

         “Those who have tickets for observing the imminent implosion of Earth due to excessive flatulence will be able to live stream the “Pop Yours” game until the opening kickoff of the Superbowl, which is when Earth humans demonstrate their boundless worship of the insignificant.”

         (Kickass will be working with the keeper to up his nap time and lessen his planetary listening time.)

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