Kickass and poison ivy


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is pretty much helpless in assisting Phyllis as she recovers from a siege of poison ivy.  He—the keeper, may, however, do a book based on the collected stories of poison ivy victims since everyone has a personal account that is recited in great detail when the subject comes up.  Phyllis’s story begins with her determination to sort some of the exotics out of the aging oak savannah around the house so the prairie plants have a better chance to make it.  Poison ivy. while it is native, gets in her way; and she and Becky Andrews did a recent battle with it on the south slope.  Becky fared better than Phyllis, with only a minor case, but Phyllis has fields of blisters and has exhausted professional and home=grown treatment remedies.  The keeper said he might entitle his Poison Ivy book: “The Seven Year Itch.”  Phyllis was only mildly amused, and said the title had already been used..


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