Kickass and political bear hounds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, uses his superior scenting abilities to assist the keeper in sniffing out the fact that there exists a painful parallel in the outrageous bear hound training now occurring in Wisconsin’s north woods and the absurd gerrymandered political scene prevailing statewide and nationally.

In both instances, narcissistic fools have managed to put in place activities contrary to common sense, compassion, decency and the will of the majority.

That Wisconsin is the ONLY state allowing such blatant cruelty in its natural areas–even paying hound owners for hounds killed by pup-defending wolves, this somehow fits with Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s efforts on behalf of the alternate slate of electors in the dim-bulb gang’s attempt to rob the election stagecoach even though it had long since disappeared over the hill.

It is the keeper’s suggestion that the two activities be coordinated and that bear hounds be set on Johnson’s track until he is treed, tranquilized and shipped to Florida to be with DeSantis and the alligators.

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