Kickass and political eugenics

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, aware of the desperate efforts of Gov. Evers and others to deal with the raging coronavirus—a record 3,132 new Wis. cases Thursday, suggests that unemployed bear hounds be used to tree the likes of Vos, Fitz, Johnson and members of the supreme court for removal from the Gerrymandered landscape and transfer to holding pens for subsequent sterilization.

Nothing can be more incredibly stupid than the GOP politicizing of a deadly disease, the keeper laments; and adds that if ever an argument is to be made for the socially redeeming aspects of eugenics, this may be the time.

It will apparently be only a matter of time until the backwoods ignorance of neighboring Michigan creeps across the Wisconsin border, and Evers is physically threatened by armed knuckle-draggers who operate in the name of Trump and with his blessings.

Eugenics was, of course, long ago abandoned as a culturally unsound, offensive practice, and the best that can be done in regard to protection from flawed gene pools is to keep the narcissistic dummies out of political offices.

Think Nov. 3.



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