Kickass and political ignorance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper would like to celebrate the results of the election, but sees it a little like rejoicing over the fact that less than half the herd went over the cliff.   Seeing that almost 50 percent of the people in Wisconsin and the nation officially asserted their approval of a narcissistic fool is incredibly sad.

There is more than a little ignorance at play here, the keeper says, and admits to being concerned only with his own as it defines him as not smart enough to magnanimously accept that it is okay for half the population to approve of a leader espousing, racism, xenophobia and with no apparent concern for the deaths of 250,000 citizens.

The keeper wishes it were otherwise, that he had the “smarts” to recognize that his opinions are formed in the same way as those of the Trumpers—by information he is exposed to, and are therefore equally subject to disdain, even including his claim to the truth.  He wishes he could reread Kathy Cramer’s “The Politics of Resentment” and be comforted to the point of shrugging off the election sadness and working to amend the basic reasons for the “Resentment.”

That would make him smarter than he obviously is; and trying to sort through it here risks a display of offensive arrogance and an ego run amuck, if not a two-bit psychologist who is in way over his head.

So what is new!




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