Kickass and political posts

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper was advised by a friendly reader that if he would keep his political views to himself, his writing would be appreciated by more people, which caused the keeper to announce that, in light of the fact that the Repubs wouldn’t admit to the truth if it hit them over the head like a wet mop, and the Democrats’ fumbling inability to effectively wield a wet mop, he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

If political labeling is essential, the keeper would wear the “liberal” ID tag which means that he is figuratively caught in the political chicken house owned by rich narcissists where it is his job to help feed the chickens to keep them laying eggs until they are all—the chickens and the eggs, eaten by the rich at their exclusive Sunday dinners.

In a chicken-house political system totally managed by egotistical opportunists for the benefit of a few rich narcissists, it is demeaning and insulting to ever think that the common chickens could possibly get any meaningful consideration.

The Capitol chicken houses across the country and in DC need radical remodeling and repopulating, and until that happens the keeper and his ilk would do well to hone their wet mop skills and explore the possibilities of wholesale culling.  Caponizing comes to mind.

Nothing political to see here, just some clucking about truth and fiction.








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