Kickass and politicizing waukesha

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is working with the keeper to discourage Tucker Carlson from portraying the Waukesha Christmas Parade slaughterer as a heroic vote manipulator working on behalf of Repubs maligned by the Dems.

The politicization of the unfathomable Waukesha horror is only a matter of trend time, as the keeper sees it, and with Carlson’s Rittenhouse interview experience, he is the obvious trend leader.

In a tribe that can produce someone so despicable—a Carlson-like commentator, that he broadcasts claims of a hoax to the grieving parents of murdered second graders, there is no limit to the depth the purveyors of untruth will go to in their own self- interest.

In a state that cannot seem to escape the strangulation of gerrymandered, minority-representative government, such things as fairness and decency and respect are turned on their heads; and it is not beyond the pale for an act of abject stupidity and violence to be harvested by the likes of Carlson for its commercial value.

Wisconsin is better than some current events portray it, Kickass contends, but he and the keeper say it is high time to replace whimpering with Badger snarling and chase the narcissistic bastards out!









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