Kickass and pond gone

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis joined the rest of the world Sunday in marking the perfect October day by getting out into it, in their case it was a visit to the Audubon Goose Pond Sanctuary near North Leeds, only to find that the pond is gone.

Something has obviously pulled the plug on the pond the keeper remembers years ago as being lake-like and teeming with thousands of migrating birds this time of year.

A gaggle of Canada geese, one swan and a few scattered shore birds rested and fed out on the distant mud flats.

A lowering water table is obviously at play.

Phyllis consoled the keeper with a suggestion to visit the

Drumlin Ridge Winery near Windsor which they did, after which they watched the sun set behind a hill where cattle posed for a silhouette portrait.

What a day!  October 23, 2022!  There will never be another! 

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