Kickass and post birthday thoughts

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is not sure the keeper will ever come down from the high generated by the response of family and friends in helping him celebrate his 89th birthday.  From the memories shared by loving grandchildren and other clan members, to the delicious birthday dinner at Kim and Dick’s house, to meeting Ziggy Russell, the newest little clan member, to well wishes from wonderful friends everywhere, and to personal expressions of love from Phyllis, 9/11/20 will go down as a day that will live forever in the keeper’s mind.  In the words of old friend Roger—the keeper once had a third-grade fist fight with Roger over the attention of a cute little girl named Barbara—“It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Under the heading of “Mark the day and move on,” the keeper thanks everyone; and as soon as his birthday high subsides and he can manage what he passes off as rant-worthy commentary, he will get back on the job of straightening out the world and the lives of those who are along with him on this crazy planetary ride.

As a start, he—the keeper, notes that while half the world is on fire, other parts are uninhabitable due to floods, the oceans are irretrievably polluted, and global warming portends an inevitable end of the world, it does not make a lot of sense to avoid pointing these things out in the name of “not causing a panic.”

So the keeper will rant-on in the name of hundreds of thousands of Americans who died of the coronavirus due in large measure to the inaction of the narcissistic “avoid-a-panic“ tweeter in the White House.

Kickass says when speeding cars are coming at them even the dumbest dogs know enough to get the hell off the highway.






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