Kickass and post-Larry Meiller Show

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, fresh from his stint on Larry Meiller’s WPR radio show to promote his book “Treeson: An APOLOGIA to Trees” now suspects that he might have spent his life working in the wrong communications medium, print as compared to radio.

Had he worked in radio, the keeper would not now find it necessary to apologize to the trees for having provided the paper to print his 35 years of column writing drivel.

He decided not to talk it over with Larry, who might have his own issues of wanting to atone for sometimes having filled the air waves with hot air, maybe even on a day when he shares the mike with the likes of the keeper.

Larry’s history, doing shows on WPR and teaching communication classes at UW, goes back almost as far as the keeper’s, and Larry says he has no immediate plans for radio retirement.

That is good since a possible Larry farewell apology for “hot air” might be more of a stretch than an apology to trees.

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