Kickass and potato salad

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that at a recent very pleasant reunion of Phyllis’s family on the Village Green in Middleton, the keeper came away thinking about potato salad, in part because Phyllis’s delicious version of the summer staple was served in a very old container that had been used by the keeper’s mother, and bore a faded taped label with her name—“Agnes Stokes” so that it would be returned to her at the ladies-aid meetings and community picnics of more than a half century ago.

Just how that big, very old, Tupperware bowl survived for so long is a mystery, but there is no mystery to the benefits of thinking about potato salad now when there is great temptation to dwell on the miseries of Covid 19 or obtuse politics.

For a long time, the keeper’s son Mike was the family potato salad maker, and, like all potato salad providers, he always made enough to feed a village.  In that vein, Mom’s old Tupperware bowl is in the keeper’s refrigerator half full of Phyllis’s potato salad, and the keeper will be having some of it for breakfast….and lunch….

Though dogs are not big on potato salad, Kickass agrees with the keeper that the potato salad days of this summer seem to have taken on greater significance, perhaps symbolizing that some good things in life transcend the worst travail.

Let’s hear it from everyone, the keeper suggests: “Please pass the potato salad!”

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