Kickass and preserving vision

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that among the things keeping the keeper in the game is the outstanding work done by the VA eye clinic to preserve his vision in the face of hereditary and aging based challenges.  Pro-active measures include periodic macular degeneration shots in one eye, and there has been cataract surgery in both eyes that improved things to the point that the keeper could resume a semblance of fly-fishing.

There is simply so much beauty to see that the keeper does not want to miss any of it—the flowers, the seasons, and things like the internet photo of the young proud Australian Olympic snowboarder standing on her head out on the lawn in her underwear while nursing her baby, which sounds like something Phyllis might have done in her younger days.  And that’s another thing to be preserved—the ability to see people, and Phyllis in particular, out on the lawn or in an adjoining recliner.

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