Kickass and problem solving

Kickass, the doorstop dog, supports the keeper in his efforts to accept prevailing thought that the way to deal with a problem is to do things that make the problem so bad that it becomes unsolvable and therefore it is useless to even think about it; as in reacting to school shootings by advocating for more guns.  The Wis. Repubs recently introduced measures that would loosen up gun rules and permit high schoolers to bring their guns to school, at least as far as the school parking lot.  That should move the school-shooting/gun problem to a more convenient place for ignoring it since it is obviously now even more unsolvable.

The national Repub-led resistance to mask-wearing and vaccination in the fight against the deadly corona virus is in that same vein—ignore science-based precautions until the problem gets so bad that Grandpa dies and the hospitals are so full of covid-sick ignorant narcissists that there is no room for a respectable heart attack victim.

The Repub’s plan, as the keeper understands it is for everyone to do everything possible to make the problem of a devastating pandemic worse until the entire populace is either too sick to get out of bed, or is dead, and therefore it is futile for anyone to think about a serious solution.

Poison the ground water until it is undrinkable, build more cars and roads until there is total gridlock, heat up the planet until it becomes unlivable—the keeper could go on in this Repub problem-solving vein, but it is time for him to watch the kids arrive at the high school across the street.

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