Kickass and public libraries

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper comes close to losing it when he hears about the current POTUS’s plans to reduce support for such things as public schools, PBS, the arts, the Postal Service, feeding the homeless, pollution control and protection of natural treasures.  Now there is word that public libraries have been added to the reduced-support list.

Having visited libraries all over the state in the promotion of his novel Margaret’s War, the keeper and Phyllis have been given repeated reminders of just how incredibly valuable libraries are to their communities.  They are staffed by dedicated people and they represent the highest refuge from the constant flood of ignorance in all areas.

In the backwards march being led by the orange POTUS gang, the keeper wonders if libraries will go the way of blacksmith shops, and if they do, will blacksmith shops come back so the one percent can incorporate them and forge leg-irons for the minimum wage populace?

(The keeper will do his Margaret’s War book dance at the Middleton Library Sunday Feb. 23 at 2 pm.)

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