Kickass and purple first snow

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s observation that celebrating the first snow of the year is not unlike hiring a band to greet the undertaker, particularly this year when the POTUS more or less cheers on the coronavirus that has killed 221,000 Americans.

Considering that health experts predict a “dark season,” the euphoria normally greeting the first snowfall is obviously blunted, and arrives in the contrary packaging of a killer virus seemingly deliberately spread by narcissistic GOP politicians being led by the POTUS.

To say that the coronavirus is “around the corner” on a day when there were 84,000 new cases is akin to claiming that there are not 60 minutes in an hour, which a pouting POTUS demonstrated on TV Sunday.

The absurd circumstance that a pandemic would become a partisan issue and thus be promoted by the Repubs as the way to garner votes, makes the possibility of a purple first-snow as likely.

Kickass says to strike up the “undertaker” band for Nov. 3.



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