Kickass and radio waves

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper had a very personal experience with his life long inability to accept the existence of radio waves when he met with Larry Meiller in his small studio in Vilas Hall Thursday to discuss the keeper’s novel Margaret’s War.  Like all of Larry’s interviews, this one went well, but deep down the keeper cannot believe that what Larry and he are saying is being transformed into some mysterious wave that is suddenly everywhere for everyone to hear.  Just think about that, the keeper says: somebody down in the bottom of a well way up in Bayfield county is going to hear Larry say that he read Margaret’s War last Sunday when he should have been cleaning ice off his driveway! How the hell can that be? The well thing, not Larry’s driveway. Then of course there are all those other kinds of waves that nobody has seen but that do all these incredible things, like heat up pizza and deliver inane TV shows.  The keeper is obviously too visually oriented and until somebody can show him a radio wave he cannot accept their existence.  And it probably doesn’t matter all that much to him so long as the guy crawls out of that Bayfield County well and buys a copy of Margaret’s War.

(See for more Kickass or to get info about Margaret’s War.)

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