Kickass and reacting to Georgia election

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper had no problem finding a personal incident to illustrate how he relates to the election in Georgia and what it means in terms of restoring order to a maligned way of life.  The parallel was there in the keeper’s memory of how his house was once invaded and occupied for days by irresponsible juveniles while he was away on an extended trip to Alaska.

Using deceptive key manipulation, four teens got into the keeper’s house and proceeded to party it up: drinking the keeper’s booze, eating food from his freezer, including pizza which they sliced using his electric knife that did permanent damage to the kitchen’s limestone counter top, pawing through jewelry and personal possessions and taking what appealed to them, using his bed–obviously for all that beds are used for, scattering and wearing clothing—even the keeper’s underwear, and generally trashing the place.

The teens were easily identified, and the subsequent prolonged juvenile court proceeding was an extended annoyance, involving some chagrined parents, pouting kids and restitution that was never completely made.

Putting the house back in order was a long term process, and in some sense could never be complete as vestiges of strangers having occupied very personal spaces somehow left mental scars that lingered unendingley.

The keeper sees it that way in the wake of the Georgia election as the Trump, McConnell, Cruz, etal gang is finally busted by the voters, and repairs to the damage it has done can begin.  The recovery will take forever and it will never be complete: think of the keeper’s permanently scared counter top as allegorical to the collective compassion and decency of the citizenry.






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