Kickass and rearranged furniture

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shared the keeper’s concern when it became obvious that a furniture rearrangement was in the offing as Phyllis engaged the assistance of granddaughter Alexis to move everything, including the couch and the keeper’s recliner, from their accustomed places.

Dread would be an apt description of the keeper’s reaction, and it seemed to go deep, like it was anchored in distant ancestral males who came home to the cave to find their favorite rocks rearranged around the fire.

The keeper took a very brief stand in opposition, and temporarily left the premises only to return to find that the new arrangement had aspects of genius and convenience that he never would have thought of.  The recliner and the couch were still readily available and were put to immediate use, after pouring Phyllis a glass of wine in that glass that is embossed: “I am never wrong.”

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