Kickass and red meat


Kickass, the doorstop dog, like the keeper, is increasingly impressed by studies showing that eating animals shortens a human’s life.  Being an animal, Kickass ignores information from those places where dog meat is a dietary choice, and concentrates instead on the issue of consuming cows in the keeper’s hamburger-steak crazed culture.  A recent study concluded that people who cut back on red meat live longer, something that drew the keeper’s attention since he plans to be around for the next appearance of Halley’s Commet–2062.  Fortunately for the keeper, Phyllis is way ahead of the dietary game and knows the wisdom of eating vegetables and getting protein from other than cow meat.  Her culinary skills make such a transition easy and pleasant.  And the less-red-meat thing makes more sense than the warning of 30 years ago that eating eggs would kill you.  This resulted in the keeper–an egg lover if there ever was one, consuming Corn Flakes for years until he finally said to hell with it and went back to eggs.  There will be no such relapse in regard to red meat, though the keeper said he may occasionally eat a hotdog. Kickass knows that no dog meat is involved, but he is forever jarred by the tern “hotdog.”  Phyllis will probably help the keeper find hotdogs made from plant material.  He should be so lucky!

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