Kickass and red osier sticks

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper will be taking the day off from his usual ranting, as he shares Phyllis’s post about their first restaurant outing since the long Covid confinement.  Combined with the keeper’s inexplicable quest for red osier sticks for use in yet-to-be-defined craft projects, the day was outstanding in many respects.  Not only was there that break-out dinner, and boundless sun-washed scenery across an awakening countryside, the keeper actually harvested some osier sticks, to the puzzlement of Phyllis.  It all makes sense when you know that the dinner was Phyllis’s reward for doing the keeper’s taxes, and the sticks are so he can follow the example of the bald eagles and build her a nest.

Kickass says if the keeper had to do his own taxes, he wouldn’t, and so a dinner for Phyllis and building her a nest of red osier sticks is small price to pay for keeping the IRS at bay.

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