Kickass and remembered travel

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper suggests one way to make the stay-home coronavirus discipline more tolerable is to retake previous travel trips by, reviewing photos and recalling memories of mask-free, carefree forays to interesting places. So the keeper and Phyllis are retaking last summer’s motor-home visit to Phyllis’s family in Warman, Saskatchewan, made sweeter now with Canada’s coronavirus-spurred ban of American travelers until at least Sept. 21 and likely longer.

The sweeping colorful views of blossoming fields of flax and canola across the Canadian prairie may have faded in memory but are renewable through photos, as are the warm personal exchanges between Phyllis and her family members, in particular with her 97-year-old mother who has since died.

Now in the midst of the pandemic, positives may be hard to come by, but one may be the travel restrictions that encourage the savoring of previous excursions.  Instead of mapping out yet another trip, the one from last year will get further attention and appreciation, and the keeper will be back there in Canada in the summer of 2019 watching Phyllis tender visits with her very old mother, and with other family members.

Enhancement of the past may loom ever larger for the keeper’s crowd as the passage of time seems to assume warp speed.  The keeper says no age-group is immune from that “pandemic,” and Kickass agrees.

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