Kickass and reminiscing excess

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in a marathon reminiscing session with Jack and Bonnie Lawton, the keeper may have strained something by trying to be in too many places at the same time:

         *The Wolf River cabin with the muted roar of Slough Gundy rapids just upstream and the bloody handprints on the rafters where the injured “Kentuck” carpenter had refused to stop work at a critical time.

         *The “Haunted House” with the brandy bottle on the cluttered table and fish stories echoing to the laughter of John Lawton.

         *Campfire competition to see who could recite the most of Burns’ “Tam O’Shanter.”

         *The stolen pie incident during a deer hunt with the Ryans and others.

         *Spaniel bird dogs having sport and dinner at neighbor Loraine Sharnberg’s chickens and the price to be paid.

         *The hidden puncturing file in the trail and the two flat tires after a night of Mayfly fishing.

         Phyllis suggests that the keeper stop at this point considering his inclination to excess.

         And he was just getting started: there was the time John’s dog locked itself inside the car and stranded us at a remote grouse hunting spot, and………..

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