Kickass and Repub dog adoption

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that what is going on now as the Repubs try to pick a POTUS candidate is akin to promoting dog adoption from a crooked pet shelter that is dominated by the constant loud whining of an unfixed Pitbull that bites and may have rabies.

The so-called Milwaukee candidate debate gave significance, finally, to the old question of “Who let the dogs out?” and adds to it by asking if any one of those “loose” dogs has plans to do anything except pee on the tree of Democracy and lick all the cat dishes clean.

The old saw- “If you want a friend get a dog,” breaks down in the Repubs’ adoption shelter. The very thought of having to do a daily walk with any one of the available Repub adoptees is enough to bring on heart problems, even without considering the huge size of the plastic pick-up-after bag that would be necessary.

Both the keeper and Phyllis, having done their respective versions of heart attacks, will not be going anywhere near the Repub dog shelter. in the interest of their health.

They recommend rabies shots for everyone.

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