Kickass and Republican history

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes with the keeper that the gerrymandered chokehold the narcissistic Republicans have on the democratic political system will be its downfall: a kennel operating for the benefit of only a few tall dogs with no meaningful sustenance for the hordes of mutts cannot endure.

In a recent example of the political/kennel outrageousness, the Wisconsin Repubs have moved into the area of how history is to be taught in public schools, prompting the keeper’s prediction that his greatgrandchildren will learn that trickle down economics means being peed on by the rich, and is a good thing, as is polluting state water with cow manure in the interests of corporate profits.

That pee and manure are the much-used tools of prevailing political powers should be no surprise, and speaks to the absurdity of corporations as people, “people” without compassion or accountability, of course.

Can we hear it now for that great Wisconsin historical hero Joe McCarthy!

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