Kickass and Rick in Biden cabinet

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the time is right for the keeper to announce the evolving Stokes family relationship with the Biden administration, as Rick, the keeper’s cabinet-building Colorado son, accepts the new position of Secretary of the Department of Hold The Bullshit (HTB).

Citing the fact that he grew up surrounded by the BS that was an essential part of his father’s newspaper column writing, Rick told a FOX News reporter that he is eminently qualified to assist Biden in keeping BS down to manageable levels.

A no-nonsense man of few words and direct action, Rick will be promoting his HTB Senate confirmation by stomping on Mitch’s toes, throwing Cruz into the tidal basin, nailing Johnson’s mouth shut and replacing the worn-out hinges on Graham’s hypocrisy.

In keeping with current trends, Rick will be doing his Hold The Bull—- Cabinet work from his home woodworking shop, in part because his soul mate Becky will not leave the new Denver house that Rick built and move with him to DC; and also, because a version of the photo of Rick and Biden has been kicking around the family for several years and there would be no need for Rick to show up in Washington just for a photo op.

In the meantime, Kickass is considering a sniff invitation from Champ and Major, by zoom, of course.

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