Kickass and right to bare arms


Kickass, the doorstop dog, will do his best to protect the keeper following the release of his–the keeper’s, plan to rewrite the 2nd Amendment, changing “keep and bear arms” to “weep and bare arms.”  It is the keeper’s thinking that weeping parents holding their dead second graders in their bare (and bloody) arms might be useful imagery in countering the callous ignorance of legislators bought off by the crooked NRA gun lobby.  But Kickass points out that we have already gone down that road–Sandy Hook Elementary, and most recently in Colorado, 20 years ago there was Columbine.  So the 2nd amendment rewrite must go on, “protecting individual rights” to lead the indifferent, gun-dumb herd off the cliff. One hundred shot dead every day, Second graders out front.

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