Kickass and Rock Lake pyramids

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis, looking for something to believe in during these chaotic times, made a trip to the Station Winery in Lake Mills to gather information on the mysterious pyramids beneath the surface of the community’s Rock Lake.  (In his earlier profession life, the keeper frequently began a journalistic inquiry by visiting a tavern.  Now in a more relaxed framework, he finds that projects seem to be most effectively launched by first visiting an area winery.)

For a hundred years or so, there have been stories of man-made pyramids under the surface of Rock Lake, encouraged no doubt by the nearby location of Aztalan, the state’s most famous archeological site of an earlier civilization.  Under-water explorers of various qualifications have emerged from Rock Lake claiming to have seen pyramids of obvious man-made origin, but it appears that the structures are of glacial origin as a big chunk of ice and rock melted to form Rock Lake during the latest glacial activity.

Though aircraft activity is prohibited on the lake, it was recently visited by a couple of float planes and several helicopters, according to a local shopkeeper, which has the keeper speculating that a “reality” TV show cannot be far off, nor can a GOP-generated conspiracy theory that the Rock Lake pyramids are part of Joe Biden’s plot to turn everything and everybody into stone, as supported by the fact that this is already happening to Mitch and Ron Paul.

The keeper and Phyllis will be doing further research on other subjects as more wineries are located.






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