Kickass and Rock River tour

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s observations after he and Phyllis did one of their aimless meanders along the Rock River in the area where Chief Blackhawk first struggled and subsequently failed to preserve his native people from the ravishing of narcissistic invaders.

         *The afternoon whispering of magnificent white pine trees in an otherwise glorious quiet in a sprawling former Boy Scout camp being developed as a county park; prompting discussion of recycling/reincarnation and “How do you know you haven’t died and gone to a blissful whispering white pine here-after?”

         *A sagging old shed holding up a basketball hoop–the perfect structural personification of the keeper–obviously deteriorated to the point of uselessness but still trying to stay in the game.

         *An endless succession of roadside ditches so rich with August blossoms as to defy the “ditch” designation and to prompt Phyllis’s comment on the virtue of a no-mow policy.  

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