Kickass and Romy’s tooth

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes the keeper’s warped attempt to share life with his great grandchildren by losing a tooth about the same time that Romy lost one of her hers.

Not a big deal, Romy, though it may have seemed so at the time. Your tooth will be replaced naturally and the new one will then serve you for a lifetime of biting and chewing and smiling and all the other things teeth do for us.

Your old “Pa-B” has no such natural process working for him, Romy, and when his tooth broke off for no good discernable reason he was both shocked and dismayed, and immediately thinking ahead to an addition to his bridge or going through the rest of his life with a chewing void the size of a walnut.

Pa-B assumes that you had satisfactory dealings with the tooth fairy, Romy, and he wonders if you could tell her where Pa-B lives, which would ease the burden for Phyllis who says she has retired from tooth-fairy type activity and that Pa-B needs to call his dentist ASAP.

Pa-B’s high mileage tooth is under his pillow while he dreams of all the places that tooth has been and all the things it has been a part of and he says to it, “Job well done, tooth. Thanks!”

Just a suggestion, Romy, but when it shows up, you might tell your new tooth, “Welcome to my Romy world! Hang on tight, you are in for an incredible ride!”

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