Kickass and rotten lakes

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, after recently visiting several Madison lakes where thousands of people were trying to have water-fun despite the lakes’ cesspool-like condition, had to conclude that the circumstance falls into the category of don’t-do-anything-to-fix-it-until-the-stench-is-unbearable, as is the case with the racism that now has the country convulsed in misery.

A so-called enlightened community that fails to take appropriate action even after the connection is made between heavily fertilized lawns and farm fields and the tragic disintegration of pristine clear-water lakes into sewers, that community does not instill confidence that it has the capacity to save the planet or do anything meaningful about racism.

The keeper says there is a perverted sympathy for the privileged few living in the lakeshore mansions where they must inhale the stench daily, and he stretches to create a racial parallel when the residents of high-end communities see a black man and call 911.

If there is a point at which totally untenable societal conditions–are seriously addressed, the keeper says he does not know what the hell it is.  Neither does Kickass, but as a dog he tends to nap through a lot.




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